Summer Houses for Rent in Florianopolis Brazil

Saturday, February 27, 2010

If you are looking to spend a nice vacation in a real paradise, far away from the cold seasons you have come to the right place, we have more than 8 years of experience helping families, group of friends and couples to have the most amazing holidays of their lives.

The Secret: our staff, our location and our incredible full equiped houses!

There is a lot of places to stay in Brazil, but not all of them offer an incredible stay on beautiful real Houses a few steps from the beach of Jurere, we are cheaper than a hotel and you can have all the services you need: mates, bodyguards, cars and more; with the privacy that you want and with serious responsable people at your service. We are brazilian, we live here in this beatiful spot and yes! we do provide the best service around.

We are actually located in one of the most amazing cultural, and beatiful places, the Island of Florianopolis In Brazil, our Rental coaches will help you decide among some beatiful full equiped and exclusives houses for an unforgettable pleasant vacation.

At Jurere International or Jurerê Internacional as we call it here, you can have the best of both worlds, exclusives houses with pool, A/C, cable tv sets, wireless Internet among many other features and services. We provide all that you need to be confortable and at just a few steps from an open walkin Shopping center, exclusive restaurants, bakery, farmacy or tasty fast foods restaurants, heliport and of course the incredible beach with amazings and beautifully well decorated funny bars, discotheques and fancy Restaurants all along the blue sea beach of Jurere, where most brazilian celebrities like Ronaldinho and some others have their summer beach houses.

We work only with real well equiped and well maintainance houses; amazing beatiful homes where real families live or use on their holidays. Families or couples that rent their homes for you to stay and experience what they enjoy the rest of the year or every summer when they can, so we advise you to make your reservations with some time ahead, not just because there is a lot of people who love to stay in the area but to talk with the owners in order to reserve their homes for you on that date.

So take extra considerations on the high seasons like carnivals, new years eve and christmas season because, is summer here in Brazil and our units rent some times six months prior to those dates.

Working with experts coachs on Tourism activities and Rental Houses is a reward you deserve! Contact us now to check availability for those special holidays.

We want you to tell us, what we can do for you!

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